Was Actor Katelyn Tarvers And Drew Tarvers Mother Kim Tarver Supportive About Drew Coming Out

In 2003, Katelyn Tarver auditioned for the reality television program American Juniors and was among the Top 10 finalists. Though she didn’t win, Katelyn garnered few admirers and eventually made her acting debut on Big Time Rush. With newfound fame, Katelyn Tarver’s brother Drew Tarver also realized that he too, wanted to be in the entertainment industry.

With this sudden and not-so-late realization, Drew moved to New York with his family. Living in a big city with much more liberty and acceptance than his hometown, Glennville, Georgia, Drew finally mustered up the courage to come out as bisexual. With his revelation, support started flooding his way. But how did Katelyn Tarver and Drew Tarver’s mother, Kim Tarver, react to the news? Was she just as supportive as the fans? Keep reading to find out.

26 Years Inside The Closet

Born and raised in a typical Christian household, Drew was definitely not encouraged to talk and explore his sexuality. As a result, he must have had to go through many years of confusion and frustration. Also, belonging to a small place like Glennville, Georgia, didn’t help Drew be in touch or open with his sexuality.

Once he moved to New York, things weren’t easy for him. He had to work multiple jobs to support himself in the city. But Drew’s desire to be an actor kept him going through difficult times. Finally, after 26 long years of hiding behind the closet, Drew came out to the public as bisexual.

Drew Tarver’s sister Katelyn Tarver is very supportive of her brother and the LGBTQ+ community and has openly expressed her unwavering support on her Instagram account. The brother-sister duo can occasionally be seen together, as they are now cherished actors in Hollywood.

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While his sister is supportive, whether Drew Tarver’s mother supported him for who he is remains a mystery. Furthermore, after coming out as bisexual, Drew played the role of Todd, the gay best friend of Greta Gerwig, on the Pilot of How I Met Your Dad. Unfortunately, the show did not get picked up by CBS.

Is Drew Tarver’s Mother Supportive?

Many Christians find it hard to accept non-conventional love, but luckily, actor Katelyn Tarver and Drew Tarver’s mother, Kim Tarver, was a good sport and accepted her son’s sexuality. The thorough details regarding Drew’s coming out incident aren’t revealed, but looking at how the Tarver family is living a harmonious life is a testament to acceptance.

Drew Tarver is the oldest of four children and has another sister Amanda Tarver and the youngest brother Jake Tarver. The Tarver family shares a loving and close bond with each other. Also, learn about the love life of Murray Bartlett, who is openly gay.

The Other Two Star Drew Tarver

With few shares of struggles and some painful commercials auditions in the past, Drew Tarver is now the lead star of HBO Max’s ‘The Other Two.’ The plotline of the show talks about the struggling actor, and at times, the show’s storyline hit a little too close to home for Drew Tarver.

Drew came from a sketch comedy and improv background and now plays the character of Cary Dubek, a gay aspiring actor. It isn’t a coming-out story but about a character who has already come out and is dealing with the repercussions of coming out late, which is quite similar to his own real-life tale.

The Glennville native is working hard each day to uplift his acting career and is one promising new face in Hollywood. Katelyn Tarver and Drew Tarver’s mother must be proud of their achievement. We are rooting for Drew’s success and wish him good luck with his upcoming projects.

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