Something Not Adding Up: Fans Claim Slim Thug Knew His Alleged Stalker After Several Photos of

Slim Thug is doubling down on his story about not knowing his alleged stalker.

As photos of Slim and a woman, who goes by Kendra Gobert, began circulating on social media, he shot down any attempts at people starting a narrative that he had been romantically involved with her.

“Y’all dumb that’s outside the club I take pics with everybody,” he wrote in response to fans after two separate images of him with the woman’s raised eyebrows.

“Something not adding up because it’s many pictures of them together on her page etc. She wearing his clothing line etc.. idk I need more info,” wrote one fan.

A second person commented, “Fan pic or date night. I guess we’ll never know.” And a third remarked, “If there are multiple pics of him and this woman maybe.. but this one pic looks like a fan pic.”

On April 8, Gobert was caught on camera in the rapper’s backyard speaking with his groundskeeper before she was arrested and escorted off the property by police. According to the Houston native, she has been obsessed with him for some time. Her efforts to persuade the public to believe they are involved allegedly include using fake Instagram profiles and telling people that she is his wife.

In a since-deleted post, the rapper celebrated Gobert’s arrest and detailed some of her behavior.

“They got my stalker y’all. Today is a good day. If u love her keep her ugly a— away from me. She be making fake pages of me and showing up to my house every day,” he wrote. “I’ve never messed with her in life. If y’all believed that, y’all just as crazy as her.”

In an accompanying video clip, the “Knocking On My Door” emcee said, “It’s funny to everybody now. It’s funny to everybody now. We talking about somebody who slow, who been to jail already for being over here trespassing.”

He accused the woman of damaging his Escalade, dropping by his apartment, and having a history of making daily appearances at his home.

“I’m happy everybody knows…she walked in my house the other day while I was in the studio,” he claimed. “If she ever come back to my house I’m gon’ smoke her. If she ever come in my house again, I’m gon’ smoke her. And we gon’ see what y’all say then,” he continued.

Slim Thug announces his alleged stalker has been finally arrested today 👀

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— Edgy RapHours (@edgyraphours) April 8, 2023

More than a few fans have come to Slim’s defense, saying that Gobert’s photos prove she has been following him.

“They probably have more than 1 picture together cause she was showing up to his locations. You know. Stalking,” read one comment.

Gobert’s last Instagram post was shared on April 8, hours before she was arrested. Other details present on her profile show that she has a 14-year-old son, runs an online clothing boutique, and has the logo for Slim’s apparel line, HoggLife, tattooed across her back.